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Yoga & Wellness with Vicky Meikle

You thrive on being busy and successful. You are so busy juggling work and home life seeking the elusive work/life balance but you are feeling frazzled and exhausted from keeping up with all the demands you place on yourself - to be the best you can be in work, to workout and keep your body healthy and fit and to maintain a healthy way of eating and living. You’ve started to notice the tiredness, the aches from sitting all day and that there just doesn’t seem enough hours in the day to fit everything in you should or have to do to achieve this - its hard work and time consuming!



I get it - I’ve been there……



You feel proud of your work and relish taking on new challenges. You give 100% to all that you do and you know that there is a kinder way to look after yourself. You feel overwhelmed with how to incorporate all the lifestyle elements into your week and know that there must be an easier way. You would love to find more ease between your work/life balance but you don’t know where to start. Imagine how amazing it would be to feel calm and centred throughout your day.


DeskFlo is the perfect match for you if you are........


:: Exhausted from hours spent commuting, rushing from meeting to meeting and working to tight deadlines


:: Busy, you love it, but your mind is constantly on the go and you don’t experience any downtime.


:: Overwhelmed with the numerous new diets/fitness crazes and opinions on how to improve your lifestyle.


:: Suffering with aches and pains after sitting at your desk for hours.


:: Thinking deep down that there is a kinder way to treat and look after your body, but you are not sure how to get there.

What you’ll get from DeskFlo......


:: Short, uncomplicated yoga practices and techniques that can offer stand alone exercises to encourage movement in specific areas of the body or balanced practices bringing in strength, flexibility and ease.


:: Daily bite sized top tips to ease you into feeling calm and relaxed.


:: Delicious recipes and ideas to keep your fuelled up for the day and boosting your energy levels.


:: How to use your breath to manage distractions both at work and home!


:: Practices to clear your mind so that you are ready for a relaxing and restful night.


:: Guided relaxations to start your day as you mean to go on.


:: How to infuse yoga into your busy day.

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Are you ready.....


:: To feel freedom in your body relieving desk job aches and pains


:: To leave work stresses behind to spend more focused time with family and friends


:: To feel aware and comfortable with what works for YOU


:: Build your very own toolkit to live each day to its fullest with calm and ease

Its BONUS time - keep on track to rocking your desk job, with these added extras to your program.....



:: Melt away the stresses of your day with a 10 minute guided relaxation audio recording


:: Kick start you day with a 10 minute yoga practice - get energised and focused for your day ahead


:: Beat the 3pm slump and boost your energy with these quick and easy snack ideas



Imagine feeling at ease in your mind and body so that you can be more productive at work, fully connected at home and enjoy every day to its fullest.

SAY Yes to looking after yourself........


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Wouldn’t it be great to develop a work/life balance that allows you the time and space to live each day to its fullest without feeling overwhelmed?


I've spent many years behind a desk and know first hand how the body suffers from hunching over a computer all day. I’d always be the one getting up to make the drinks just to move my body but sometimes that just isn't convenient when you are in a meeting or totally engrossed in a project rushing to meet a deadline.  Overtime my body became accustomed to sitting but this also meant that I suffered with many niggles in the neck, tightness in and around the hips and succumbed to the dreaded rounded shoulders which had a massive effect on my breathing and mobility in my chest. I was also feeling frazzled from staring at my screen all day, working intensely on projects and getting to to the end of the day feeling like I hadn’t taken a breath all day. Then I'd rushing off to my next activity in the hope I could make the most of my evenings as well - regularly hitting the gym in the hope it would give me some energy! I was all consumed in living the best life I could - and completely missing the point, to have a life!

Take a deep breath ….. I’m here to help

DeskFlo offers a holistic approach to thriving in your desk job. To maintaining a steady flow of energy throughout the day with simple nutritious meals and snacks and incorporating simple yoga practices at home to open and unwind your body - expect to receive a fully loaded toolkit with practices, techniques, tips, videos and recordings to ROCK your desk job and find your work/life balance groove.

During the 30 days you will hear from me everyday - there will be two bumper packed emails each week including:-


:: Yoga videos - tutorials and practices


:: Breathing techniques - audios


:: Simple & nutritious recipes


::Guided relaxations


In between those days you will receive my top stress busting tips, bite sized nuggets to add into your toolkit!

How does it work?


After you purchase the program you will receive an email asking you to sign up to DeskFlo, the program will not start until you complete the information on this email - which means that you the flexibility to start when it suits you!


Once you complete your information you will receive the first bumper packed email and thereafter every day for 30 days. You can read at your leisure, do the practices during your week and make the program work for you. You will have unlimited access to the material, giving you the flexibility to make it work with your lifestyle.


And there’s MORE……

SAY Yes to looking after yourself.......


ENROL NOW - Early Bird Offer 

ONLY $65 (RRP $85)