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Yoga & Wellness with Vicky Meikle

Meditation for Everyday Life - 4 week course


'Un-clutter your mind and increase your energy'


You thrive on being busy, but it takes it toll on your body and mind. You are starting to feel frazzled and overwhelmed by even the smallest of things and you are struggling to be as productive as you would love. Time is precious for you, your days are full but most importantly you still want the  same energy to enjoy your evenings.


I knew meditation was good for you but I didn’t know where to start, what was I supposed to do when I sat there, how did I know if I was doing it right, was it actually working! Over the years meditation has become an integral part of my day - whether its 5 or 30 mins. This time is precious and helps me to slow down, to be still. Its nothing fancy, it works, its extremely powerful and will offer you the freedom to live life more ease-fully. Once you bring this practice into your day you will start to crave the stillness, it will become a habit that doesn’t require any energy to do, you just do it!




Meditation for Everyday Life is perfect for you if you want to……


:: Have more time to do the things that you love and be fully present, you’ll feel clearer and more productive in what you do


:: Work out how you can include meditation into your day with ease


:: Understand what you need to be doing in meditation (or not be doing!)


:: Share & explore in a group setting - lets learn and support from each other



Over the 4 weeks you'll feel empowered with the knowledge, skills and techniques to bring meditation into your life with ease.



What to expect…..


This course is limited to 6 students, WHY? Because I want you to have the time and space to feel supported so that we can share our experiences.


Each session will offer you an opportunity to learn and explore how you can bring meditation into your life, we are all very different and what works for one person may not work for the other - this is where you get to try and test what works for you. We’ll also share our experiences (most importantly over a cuppa) and go away with the confidence to meditate and be still in your daily life.



Only 6 spaces available -  lets meditate together.........



Tuesdays - 7.45pm - 8.45pm










Dunchurch Road, Rugby (full details on booking)